Welcome To Partakers Nation

We are driven towards creating a breed of happy people with homogeneous mindset, purpose and clear vision in God's will.

Who We Are

With an unwavering commitment to the gospel, Partakers Nation reaches over 2 thousand young adults and youths every week in, giving teenagers and youth from every background an opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus for a lifetime. Find out how Partakers Nation can serve you in reaching young people in both your local community and around the world for Jesus, for life.

What We Do


— Teaching

The Ministry’s top mission is to preach the Gospel through teachings and demonstration of the Spirit to teenagers and young youth. In order to achieve this, every member of the ministry undergoes the PNDC academy where the basic truth about the Gospel and the doctrines of the ministry is taught.


— Building

The ministry targets every teenager and young youth with the vision of building a long term discipleship where they can explore the giants within them and be exposed to their realities in Christ.


— Discipling

As we win souls (teenagers and young youth) for God, we also train and disciple them to express and continue the practical of the same in their various communities.


— Conferences

We organise periodic conferences and conventions at different locations for growth and continuity in teachings.


— Charity Campaigns

Every teenager and youth deserves the best life. We are so keen on restoring hope at each charity campaign and putting a smile on every face. We embark on field works to reach out to the marginalised in the society. Such reach-out programmes include: ITELE and My Life, My Padi (MLMP).


— Empowering

We empower every young people through selected viable programmes such as Leadership Workshops, Capacity Building Seminars, Forums, Skills acquisition Programmes, and symposiums.

Impact Stories

How My Life and My Padi has really influence my life.

The second law of nature state that a man be willing, then others are so too, as far forth, as for peace, and defence of himself he shall think it necessary, to lay down this right to all things; and be contented with so much liberty against other men, as he would allow other men against himself.

That is exactly what My life My Padi has offered me and without esitation I have continue to birth it everywhere I found myself.

Erstwhile in 2016, I was privilege to attend a life changing event during my last days in the secondary school which I’m yet to recover from the euphoria. As a young student then but mostly called seniors by my young folks because of the title I was labelled with, I had no much orientation but then we claim to know. There’s a saying that says a foolish person does not know and does not know that he does not know. The event came and I was so much impacted, from the eminent organizers to the distinguished and Nobel speakers.

My life My Padi birthed an hunger to be more passionate and focus, posses an unflinching heart and an optmist mind, to be an altruist.. I was made to realize then that this life is not about myself but also about others. The noble and experienced speakers ponder Intoto about the topics they were given and gave life and pragmatic experience. I couldn’t recover from the euphoria a medical doctor gave me especially when she sang a song written by “Mike Jackson tittled we are the world”. She open our eyes explicitly concerning those lyrics that this is what is expected of us all, I have listen and see the music innumerable times especially the one sang my an organization called Haiti which I was told they do massively every 25 years. The event was so profound that It mark a turning point in my life and is among the best event I was privilege to attend while still in secondary school. , I could remember one of the speaker impose that we draw out plans for ourselves and anon I begin to review my plan for myself and the world. Then I choose to help others and support organizations that posses the same goal as mine.

My colleagues and Myself never cease to bless Partakers Nation that organise the event, from the activities of the program to the exuberant teachings down to the materials we were given. It was really helpful and we hope to attend and see more of their events. I have joined and assisted organizations with the same goal and hope to be more useful.. I am Osijo Emmanuel a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Computer science students and a proudly product of the event.

You are a Champ! — Yeah

I have often wondered what it means to be a champion. Some of us must have questioned ourselves : ‘ Do I have to show awards as an evidence of championship, since most ‘original champions’ do?’ We doubt our truth as ‘Champions’, when we actually are!

One thing we should know is that we’re champions not because we chose to be. We are champions because God determined it! He has predestined it that championship is our truth! I mean, do you know what it means to be a joint-heir with Christ? It means that you already won, fam!

However, you could be troubled at times. Sometimes, we feel that our reality as being champions is not evident enough, because there are certain things we are battling with : addiction, worries, decision-making, and life-changing issues in general. Don’t panic! You’re still a champion.

The challenge is just that you’re not steadfastly keen with your reality in Christ Jesus. See, before you were formed in your womb, God knew you already.

Why don’t you tell it to God in prayer? Why don’t you confess your reality daily? And walk conscious in the truth that you’re champion. Live above those things that contradict your reality as a champion. Embrace his word. And you’ll know that you already won!

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